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Dream team behind new logistics company

Publicerad: 30 november 2018, 18:43

Peter Strand, Erik Selin, Christian Berglund och Nicklas Schmidt.

It is rumoured that Erik Selin and Peter Strand are teaming up with logistics veterans Christian Berglund and Nicklas Schmidt to start a new logistics company.

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Peter StrandErik SelinCatena Fastigheter

Earlier this week, Fastighetsnytt reported that Christian Berglund, regional manager at Catena and member of the company’s executive team, had chosen to leave the company. He is joined by Catena’s star leasing agent Nicklas Schmidt and according to market rumours they will soon announce a cooperation with some of the market’s heaviest hitters to start a new logistics company.

It is rumoured that Berglund and Schmidt are joining forces with Erik Selin, CEO and owner of Balder, and Peter Strand, who stepped down as CEO of Victoria Park earlier this year, as well as Er-Ho Bygg, a prominent construction company operating in the southern parts of Sweden. In other words, it is somewhat of a dream team.

Berglund and Schmidt have worked with Peter Strand at NLP, which became Tribona and later Catena, before Strand took over the helm at Victoria Park. Erik Selin and the Hoffmann family, owners of Er-Ho Bygg, were among the largest shareholders in Victoria Park before the takeover of Vonovia.

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