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Castellum increases logistics and office focus

Publicerad: 16 december 2018, 19:45

Henrik Saxborn CEO of Castellum. Photo: Castellum.

As part of its preparation for a continued growth, Castellum has decided to establish new business units for logistics and office premises. Moreover, the company has established a unit for investments and portfolio strategy.

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Castellum has hired Hans Sahlin from DHL and he will initially be acting unit manager of logistics and a member of the company’s executive management group. A leader for the office unit will be appointed in early 2019; this person will also become a member of the executive management group.

As part of the restructuring, Anders Nilsson will step down as managing director of Region Stockholm-North.

“We’re looking at strong growth going forward, in the segment for versatile office-space as well as the logistics segment, which is driven by increased e-commerce. We’d like to grow side-by-side with existing customers and new customers in Nordic cities, so we’re adapting our organization to promote development of increasingly attractive offers that contribute to their success”, says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO, in a press release.

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