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Wallenstam buys into coworking company

Publicerad: 10 oktober 2018, 14:43

Hans Wallenstam

Foto: Elias Ljungberg.

Swedish property company Wallenstam has bought 11,16 per cent of co-working company Convendum. Hence, the main market listed property company has become the third largest shareholder in Convendum.

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CoworkingWallenstam FastigheterConvendum

Swedish property company Wallenstam has bought newly issued shared corresponding to 11,16 per cent of co-working company Convendum, making it the third largest shareholder. The shares have been issued directly to Wallenstam.

Convendum, one of the main coworking concepts in Sweden, operates in Stockholm and Göteborg and is a tenant of Wallenstam in Göteborg.

“We find the flexibility of the coworking format interesting and believe in it”, Wallenstam CEO Hans Wallenstam said in a press release.

He adds that Convendum has a well-developed concept offering attractive solutions in the premium segment of the market.

“We can see synergies and interesting possibilities in bringing our operations closer to each other,” Hans Wallenstam continues.

Oskar von Bahr

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