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SBB issues first green bond

Publicerad: 8 februari 2019, 09:56

Ilija Batljan, CEO of SBB. Photo: Elias Ljungberg.

SBB Norden has made its first issue of a non-secured green bond, taking in SEK 500 million in new funds. The bond has a maturity time of five years and according to a press release, the bond was in high demand.

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SBB Fastigheter

It has a floating rate coupon of Stibor 3M plus 3.3 per cent and matures on February 14th, 2024. The bond is part of a bigger loan, amounting to a total of SEK 2 billion.

“Sustainability is integrated into SBB’s business model and issuing our first green bond is a milestone for SBB. With a maturity time of five years and a margin of 3.3 per cent we keep lowering our financial risk”, SBB CEO and found Ilija Batljan, comments.

Days before the issuance, S&P issued the sustainability rating E2 to SBB’s green bond.

Oskar von Bahr

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SBB Fastigheter

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