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Castellum taps euromarket for 500 million EUR

Publicerad: 16 november 2018, 08:14

Henrik Saxborn CEO of Castellum. Photo: Castellum.

In its first tap in the Eurobond market, Castellum has issued a 500 million EUR bond that matures in five years. The funds received have been translated to SEK via currency swaps.

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According to a press release from the company, Castellum has “continued renegotiating and extending existing credit deals with banks and restructured some credit swaps, corresponding to a value of circa 500 million SEK, in order to improve the conditions for a stable future net interest income.”

This is estimated to mean that Castellum, at the end of November, will have an average loan maturity profile of 3,5 years, an average interest profile of 2,9 years and an average interest rate of 2 per cent.


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