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SBB issues additional hybrid bonds

Publicerad: 26 oktober 2018, 14:13

Ilija Batljan, CEO of SBB. Photo: Elias Ljungberg.

SBB has issued hybrid bonds with a nominal value of 100 million SEK. According to the company, the issues will lower the financial risk and contribute to the goal of fulfilling the criteria for an investment grade rating by the end of 2018.

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SBB Fastigheter

In total, SBB now has an outstanding volume of 1.2 billion SEK in hybrid bonds, and the company’s framework allows 1.5 billion SEK.

The company will apply for a listing of the bonds on the Nasdaq Stockholm bond market and the funds received from the issue will be used for general operational purposes.

Oskar von Bahr

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SBB Fastigheter

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