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Platzer borrows 324 million SEK via green bond

Publicerad: 7 december 2018, 19:06

Fredrik Sjudin, CFO på Platzer. Foto: Platzer

Platzer Fastigheter has borrowed 324 million SEK in the money market via a green bond issued by Svensk Fastighetsfinansiering. The bond amounted to 724 million SEK of which Platzer’s share is 324 million.

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Platzer FastigheterSFF Svensk fastighetsfinansiering

The bond matures in two years and carries a floating rate coupon of Stibor 3M plus 80 bps.

“Our strategy is to issue green bonds through SFF. Platzer has an outstanding amount of 1,437 million SEK in the bond market, all of which is green. In total, green funding accounts for 23 per cent of our portfolio, which is in line with our focus on sustainability,” comments Fredrik Sjudin, CFO at Platzer.

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