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Nordic Update

The Nordics: A market standing on firm foundations

Publicerad: 28 september 2018, 18:44


Foto: Dreamstime.

Welcome to this first issue of Nordic Real Estate Update, a brand new weekly newsletter published by trade magazine Fastighetsnytt. As the name suggests, this newsletter is dedicated to bringing regular updates on the Nordic commercial property market to an international audience.

Over the past few years, the interest of international investors in the Nordic market has increased. Investors in search of high risk-weighted returns have sought to employ their capital in the region that has been a stellar example of economic and political stability for decades. When the world was hit by a financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, the Nordic region was among those who fared best and as the global economy has mostly recovered from the consequences of the crisis, the region is still considered as close to a safe haven as you can come. Moreover, the Nordic region is one of the most liquid and active property markets in Europe, surpassed only by the UK, Germany and sometimes France. Add to that the fact that the Nordic market stands on firm foundations, when it comes to market professionalism, economic fundamentals and political stability.

Regardless whether investors are active in the direct market or do indirect investment in property, be it through stock markets, bond markets or fund vehicles, the Nordics are a highly interesting region and, as mentioned above, returns have been good and virtually risk-free for a long time. Furthermore, the Nordic markets’ appetite for international capital has grown.

With this in mind, earlier this year, Fastighetsnytt launched the first edition of its conference event Business Arena in London, creating a platform for the Nordic property industry to meet the international capital market. The event was a success and Nordic Real Estate Update is a natural next step in our international effort.

As mentioned above, Nordic Real Estate Update is a weekly newsletter bringing you the main news from the Nordic market each week. In addition, the newsletter will contain columns – with our regular contributors being leading experts on different market topics – market analysis and relevant market data. In this first edition, our columnist is Max Barclay, Head of Newsec Advisory.

It is our sincere hope that you will find Nordic Real Estate Update both interesting and useful.

Sverrir Thór
Editor economics and finance

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