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Swedish FSA keeps eye on commerical property lending

Publicerad: 28 november 2018, 19:43

Erik Thedéen, generaldirektör, Finansinspektionen. Foto: FI.

Finansinspektionen, the Swedish financial supervisory authority, will keep keeping an eye on the banking sectors exposure towards the commercial property industry, according to a comment made by the authority‘s director general, Erik Thedéen as it published its report on financial stability, earlier this week.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Erik ThedéenFinansinspektionen

It remains to be seen what the watchdog will conclude but at present Finansinspektionen has no plans to counteract lending to the sector.

During a press conference held by Finansinspektionen, its chief economist Henrik Braconier, maintained that one quarter of the aggregated lending of the Swedish banking sector is related to commercial properties while an additional one third goes to residential mortgages. He states that if interest rates were to rise by 2.5 percentage points and revenues to fall by 10 per cent, about one fifth of the Swedish property companies would experience problems.

Erik Thedéen emphasised that there are no plans at present to counteract lending to commercial property.

“Theoretically, however, it would beto raise the capital requirements, as we did towards the mortgage market by increasing risk-weight requirements,” he said and added that on other parts of Europe other measures are being discussed; one of them being amortisation requirements for commercial property companies.

Nyhetsbyrån Direkt reports.


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