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Nordic Update

Strong market expected to continue in 2019

Publicerad: 18 januari 2019, 20:00

Foto: Sverrir Thór.

The Swedish property market will remain strong in 2019 and shows few signs of stagnation. In 2018, the total investment volume in the Swedish market amounted to SEK 159 billion. It was the fourth highest annual volume ever, real estate advisory Savills writes in a press release.

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“Compared to last year the total investment volume increased by five billion SEK, or three percent, which indicates that there still is a great demand for investments in the real estate sector, even though the Riksbank initiated a hike of the repo rate and limitations to interest rates deductions has been established”, Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden, comments.

The number of transactions fell, indicating that the average transaction size grew. Residential properties were the most attractive asset class, amounting to approximately one third of the total volume. Foreign investors accounted for 27 per cent of the total volume, SEK 43 billion, which is the highest volume since before the financial crisis. For the second year in a row, foreign investors were net buyers.

Niklas Zuckerman, Head of Investments at Savills Sweden, states that the Nordic countries are still prioritised by foreign investors.

“Nowadays, the interest is not only focused on the traditional commercial segments but to all types of sectors and objects. Changes in the owner structures of the publicly listed residential companies D.Carnegie and Victoria Park proves this and there is an increase in the demand for public properties”, he says.

According to Peter Wiman, the prospects for 2019 are mostly positive.

“We expect that 2019 will be a strong investment year. The election year has passed which should imply that the investments volumes will be boosted by divestments from the public sector. Even though yields are at historically low levels, properties are still an attractive asset. The low interest rates combined with a great supply of both equity and loaned capital indicates there will be a continued favourable return on property investments”, Wiman says.

Sverrir Thór

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