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Nordic Update

SBB buys 30 Norwegian special care properties

Publicerad: 17 maj 2019, 11:05

SBB CEO Ilija Batljan. Photo: SBB.

SBB Norden has acquired three portfolios entailing a total of 30 special care properties in Norway. The fully let properties are located in the regions surrounding Oslo, Trondheim and Lillehammer and are leased to care providers Ambea and Ecura.

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SBB Fastigheter

They have a total annual rental income of SEK 29,2 million.

”We are delighted to be able to enter the special care segment in Norway with long lease agreements with leading players”, SBB founder and CEO Ilija Batljan comments in a press release.

In addition SBB has acquired a 18,000 sq.m. residential property in Gothenburg. Closing in both transactions is expected to occur during Q2.


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SBB Fastigheter

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