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Nordic Update

Sagax buys warehouse outside Helsinki

Publicerad: 1 november 2018, 13:12

David Mindus, vd på Sagax.

Sagax has acquired a warehouse property in Vantaa north of Finnish capital Helsinki. The property has a freehold land area of 89,000 sq.m. and a lettable floor area of just over 62,000 sq.m. It is sold by mutual pension company Ilmarinen.

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The purchasing price is paid in part by the issuance of 4.9 million D-shares in Sagax, amounting to 165 million SEK.

Moreover, Sagax has bought a couple of properties in Dutch city Eindhoven with a total LFA of 6,600 sq.m. The total enterprise value of the two transactions amounts to 396 million SEK, according to a press release from Sagax.


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