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Nordic Update

Sagax acquires property worth 195 million SEK

Publicerad: 10 oktober 2018, 13:17

David Mindus, vd på Sagax.

Sagax har acquired seven properties in Finland, France and the Netherlands and a property currently being built in Paris. The total investment amounts to 195 million SEK.

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The portfolio acquired contains a total lettable area of 14,900 sq.m. and is mainly made up off warehouse and light industry buildings. Sagax invests 151 million SEK in the portfolio which has a current vacancy rate of 3 per cent. The company will gain access to the different properties in the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

The Paris building, 3,400 sq.m. is estimated to be completed during Q2 2019. The investment amounts to 44 million SEK.

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