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Nordic Update

NREP acquires SEK 493 million resi development

Publicerad: 1 juni 2019, 20:03

NREP has acquired a residential development in Uppsala from Besqab. Upon completion in 2022, the property will consist of 253 rental flats. The deal is valued at SEK 493 million.

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The residential property will be erected in Ultuna Trädgårdsstad in Uppsala, about 60 km north of Stockholm. Building will commence during the summer.

”As part of NREP’s ambition to be a leading Nordic player in residential, senior care properties and logistics, we are delighted to have made this deal with Besqab. It is an imporant first step in building a long-term portfolio of residentials in Sweden”, Rickard S. Dahlberg, founder and partner of NREP, commented.


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