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Nordic Update

Klövern invests 174 million DKK in Copenhagen

Publicerad: 16 november 2018, 07:57

Rutger Arnhult, CEO of Klövern. Photo: Agora.

Klövern has acquired an office property in Nordhavn, Copenhagen. The transaction is made based on an underlying property value of 174 million DKK. The property has a lettable floor area of 6,000 sq.m. and it has a current vacancy rate of 95 per cent.

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Klövern Fastigheter

“As we have established a management team in Copenhagen we now have the opportunity to work with bigger leasing projects. We look forward to develop this fine property further,” says Klövern CEO Rutger Arnhult in a press release.

The deal is expected to be closed om December 1st, and Klövern intends to finance it via bank financing.


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