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Hemfosa invests 245 million SEK in Västerås

Publicerad: 22 november 2018, 04:34

Hemfosa will develop the property Socialtjänstens Hus in the city of Västerås, an investment amounting to 245 million SEK. The building will be erected on a property already owned by the company, in the central parts of Västerås.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Hemfosa FastigheterVästerås

The tota lettable floor area is circa 7,800 sq.m., of which 6,900 sq.m. office spaces will be leased to the City of Västerås with an annual rental income of 15 million SEK and a contract length of 15 years.

Approximately 370 employees will work on the premises, enabling the City of Västerås to gather their social services department in one place.

The construction will commence in the summer of 2019 and is expected to be completed at the end of 2021.


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