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Hemfosa acquires properties for SEK 575 million

Publicerad: 4 maj 2019, 18:08

Hemfosa CEO Caroline Arehult. Photo: Hemfosa.

In a series of acquisitions made in the past few months and announced on April 29th, Hemfosa has acquired properties in Finland, Norway and Sweden for a total underlying value of SEK 575 million. The properties have a total annual rental income of SEK 42 million.

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In Finland, the Hemfosa entered the preschool segment by acquiring four preschools in Oulu, Finland’s fifth largest city. The portfolio has a leasable floor area of 1,600 sq.m. and is fully leased to private preschool company Touhula with an average remaining contract duration of 12.9 years. Hemfosa took over occupancy of the portfolio in February.

In Norway, the company has bought two properties comprising five buildings in prime locations in the cities of Tønsberg and Sarpsborg, both in the greater Oslo region. Both properties are fully leased to different public institutions with an average remaining duration of 9.5 years. Occupancy of the properties was overtaken in December 2018 and April 2019.

Last but not least, in Sweden, Hemfosa has acquired four properties with a total LFA of 12,800 sq.m. in Motala. The properties include schools, public-sector offices and commercial offices with the municipality of Motala and private school operator Academedia among the tenants. The remaining duration is 2.2 years and Hemfosa will take of occupancy on June 3rd.

“We are delighted that we have made acquisitions in all three of our markets. The aim is to maintain a high pace in the acquisition market and we are continuing to evaluate a large number of transactions. We are also pleased that we are entering a new and attractive region for us in Finland with the acquisition of a small portfolio of modern preschool properties with long leases in the rapidly growing Oulu region,” comments Caroline Arehult, CEO of Hemfosa, in a press release.

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