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Fabege CEO to be announced no later than April 2nd

Publicerad: 8 februari 2019, 17:39

Illustration: Petter Furå.

Almost two months have passed since Fabege CEO dropped the bomb that he would leave the company in 2019. The process to find his successor is ongoing and led by chairman Jan Litborn, who took over as chairman as the board in 2018.

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Christian HermelinFabege Fastigheter

Fabege is perhaps one of the most important companies in the Swedish property industry and the interest for the CEO recruitment process is big. A big question is also when a new CEO will take over and apparently Christian Hermelin’s successor will be announced before the annual general meeting on April 2nd. That, of course, does not necessarily mean that the new CEO will take over immediately.

Another big question is: Who will it be? Nobody knows but according to persistent market rumours, Platzer CEO P-G Persson should be considered one of the favourites. He has an extensive experience from running a listed property company and is also well familiar with the Paulsson group of companies, in which Platzer was included until October 2017 when Länsförsäkringar Skaraborg acquired the bulk of Erik Paulsson’s stake in Platzer.

We will know no later than April 2nd.

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