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Fabege buys properties for 750 million SEK

Publicerad: 1 november 2018, 09:26

Flemingsberg centrum. Bild: Wikimedia.

Fabege has acquired three properties adjacent to the Flemingsberg train station in the southern suburbs of Stockholm for an underlying property value of 750 million SEK. The seller is Vincero Fastigheter.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Stockholm South Business DistrictFabege FastigheterVincero Fastigheter

The properties, Regulatorn 1, Batteriet 3 and Batteriet 4, are all in the area which Fabege is planning to develop going forward, as a part of their new major project Stockholm South Business District.

“It is of course very exciting to have started this important project in cooperation with the Huddinge municipality. There is a need for attractive work places on the south side, close to people’s homes and to be able to utilise existing free capacity in the existing infrastructure is a win-win. We hope that this area will increase the balance and the competitiveness of the entire Stockholm region,” Klaus Hansen Vikström, deputy CEO and head of business development at Fabege, comments in a press release.


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