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Entra and Aberdeen in 2 billion NOK swap deal

Publicerad: 16 december 2018, 19:24

Oslo. Foto: Thomasz Sienicki.

Entra and Aberdeen Eiendomsfond Norge have conducted a swap transaction worth 1.95 billion NOK. The transaction concerns four properties in Oslo, where Entra acquires the property St. Olavs plass for 850 million NOK and Aberdeen takes over the ownership of Tollbugata 1, Pilestredet 19-21 and Pilestredet 28 for 1.1 billion NOK.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Aberdeen Standard InvestmentsEntra Fastigheter

In a press release, Entra writes that St. Olavs plass 5 is a 16,530 sqm property which is currently fully let to the Oslo University, Faculty of Law.

“The tenant will in December 2019 move to a new-build project in Tullinkvartalet which is under development by Entra. As part of UiO signing the 25-year lease contract in Tullinkvartalet, Entra took over the rental obligation towards Aberdeen for the Faculty of Law’s remaining 6 years lease contract in St. Olavs plass 5, which will now be eliminated.”

In addition, Entra writes that the acquisition of St. Olavs pass 5 is of strategic importance as it adds a significant property to the company’s cluster in Tullinkvarteret in Oslo

Closing of the transaction will occur in two different tranches where the closing of Pilestredet 28 will take place on January 4th, and the other three deals will be closed during Q4 2019.

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