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Nordic Update

Editorial: The Nordics – a core market

Publicerad: 21 december 2018, 21:30

Sverrir Thór.

Foto: Elias Ljungberg

An intense week, and indeed an intense year, is coming to an end. It has been a good year on the Nordic property market; with high demand for spaces, stable deal flow and a healthy appetite from international investors looking to invest in Nordic property. Indeed, Nordic property is now regarded as part of a core strategy rather than an opportunistic strategy as it often has been.

Before the financial crisis hit in 2007-2008, depending on your point of reference, international investors were keen on Nordic real estate but as the crisis hit, most left in a hurry. They regarded the Nordics as any other exotic spice in the portfolio while it is now becoming more of a key ingredient. This is not least evident from the fact that most of the international property funds that are now investing in the region are core funds. This gives a good testimony to the professionalism of Nordic property and asset managers, as well as the investment environment in the region.

It has been a good year but there are signs that we might have reached a peak. Growth is slowing and in some cases, GDP is starting to drop. Similarly, there are indications that credit markets might be drying up and, as everywhere, the stock market has been hit hard during the autumn. This of course implies that investment may become more risky, but real estate, like all other business, is all about managing risk. Thus, the well-prepared and well-diversified investor will prevail even when times get a bit tougher.

This is this year’s last issue of Nordic Real Estate Update. We will return on January 12th and the feeling is that 2019 will be an eventful and interesting year in Nordic real estate. For us at Fastighetsnytt it will be an exciting year; with seven Business Arena events all around Sweden, as well as the second edition of Business Arena London on May 23rd.

In London, our focus is to promote the Nordics as an attractive region for real estate investment. If you are looking to invest in the region, or have already invested, do not hesitate to sign up for the event. Another interesting event on the horizon is of course Business Arena Helsinki on February 4th, 2020, focusing on the Finnish market.

An intense year is ending and it is time to take a breath and prepare for an even more intense 2019. On behalf of all my colleagues at Fastighetsnytt, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and prosperous) New Year.

Sverrir Thór
Editor economics and finance

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