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Nordic Update

Danish market cooling down?

Publicerad: 26 september 2018, 06:16

Köpenhamn. Photo: Mattias Fröjd.

After years of increasing transaction volumes in the Danish property market, 2018 might be the year when the market starts cooling down. According to data from Newsec Advisory’s Danish operations, the volumes for the first half of the year are 10 per cent lower than in 2017.

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Estate Media, citing Berlingske Tidene, reports that Morten Jensen, senior partner at Newsec Advisory and head of their valuation and analysis, does not believe that the market will catch up to 2017 in the latter half of 2018.

“We see that the market has stagnated but we can’t tell yet if this is permanent. Both demand and supply are still good and deals are done rapidly but we also note that sellers’ price expectations are high while the buyers are a bit pickier. So my view is that we will not see a new rise in transactions volumes in 2018,” Morten Jensen says to Berlingske.


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