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Colliers: Challenges ahead in 2019

Publicerad: 11 Januari 2019, 15:27

Foto: Gunnar Bach Pedersen/Wikimedia.

In the Danish market, 2018 ended in a positive note with a number of deals being closed. However, the market will face challenges in 2019, warns Peter Winther, CEO of Colliers Denmark.

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According to a press release from Colliers, the company brokered property deals worth 3.5 billion DKK in the last two weeks of the year. One of the deals in question was the sale of a 1.5 billion DKK residential portfolio, sold from Thylander Gruppen to Heimstaden. 2019 might not be as good, however.

“We are entering a challenging year with a slightly weaker economic growth, combined with higher interest rates. Therefore, excessive optimism surrounding the price development of property is unfounded and in 2019 we might see the number of foreclosures and bankruptcies grow,” says Peter Winther.

“That being said, we believe that the market will remain fairly healthy. The demand for office, logistics and industrial spaces is high and many investors seek to allocate capital to these segments, where supply hasn’t increased much over the past few years,” he continues.

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