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Nordic Update

Catena buys land in Ängelholm

Publicerad: 26 oktober 2018, 13:59

Benny Thögersen, CEO of Catena. Photo: Catena.

Catena has acquired 600,000 sq.m. of land adjacent to it‘s E-City Engelholm in Ängelholm. The transaction is made based on an underlying property value of 42,5 million SEK and the seller is a private land owner.

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Catena Fastigheter

The company plans to invest approximately 1 billion SEK in the development of logistics facilities in the area and the estimated space to be built amounts to circa 200,000 sq.m.

”With E-City we place Ängelholm on the map as an e-commerce logistics hub. Our vision is a sustainable cluster of companies opening up whole new possibilities and offering huge synergies for digital commerce companies,” comments Catena CEO Benny Thögersen in a press release.


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Catena Fastigheter

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