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Nordic Update

Castellum in SEK 5.2 billion swap deal

Publicerad: 18 januari 2019, 19:21

Henrik Saxborn CEO of Castellum. Photo: Castellum.

Castellum has made a swap transaction with Sundsvall based property company Lilium where Castellum acquires six properties in Linköping and sells twenty properties in Sundsvall. As a result, Castellum has sold all remaining properties in Sundsvall.

Ämnen i artikeln:

LinköpingPangea Property PartnersCastellumSundsvall

The six properties in Linköping have a LFA of 67,000 sq.m. and were acquired for SEK 1,638 million while the Sundsvall portfolio, 157,400 sq.m., was sold for SEK 3,321 million. The total value of the two individual transactions was thus SEK 5.2 billion. All the properties in question are office properties.

The transaction that, brokered by Pangea Property Partners, will close on March 1st.

“This deal signifies that we’re concentrating our portfolio to stronger growth sectors and areas. Castellum’s portfolio continues to comprise the largest listed Offices portfolio, and one of the absolute biggest Logistics portfolios in Sweden. It’s a cornerstone of our long-term strategy to continue to grow and enhance the quality and density of our portfolio through projects as well as acquisitions”, says Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum, in a statement.


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