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Castellum divests portfolio in Västerås

Publicerad: 20 oktober 2018, 18:12

From Västerås.

Castellum has divested a mixed-use portfolio of eight properties in Västerås to Stendörren. The deal is made based on an underlying property value of 345 million SEK.

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CastellumStendörren FastigheterVästerås

In total, the portfolio contains 41,500 sq.m. of office, warehouse and industrial spaces. The total vacancy rate is 10 per cent and the annual rental income amounts to circa 35 million SEK, according to a press release.

“This deal is in line with Castellum’s portfolio strategy, we aim is to continue developing and refining our portfolio in Västerås”, says Per Gawelin, managing director of Castellum Region Mitt.

“We are happy to be able to acquire a very well-managed portfolio in Västerås and going forward, we will strive to supplement it with additional acquisitions. With Västerås growing, we want to provide fit-to-purpose spaces to companies that want to work in this growth area,” comments Stendörren CEO Fredrik Brodin.

The deal will be closed on November 30th.


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