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Nordic Update

Aros Bostad floats preferred shares

Publicerad: 26 oktober 2018, 16:31

Magnus Andersson is CEO of Aros Bostad. Photo: Aros Bostad.

Swedish housing developer Aros Bostad has decided to list its preferred share on Nasdaq’s growth market, First North. Moreover, the company will offer the public to buy new shares, in order to increase the number of shareholders.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Aros BostadFirst North

The company will issue 200,000 new preferred shares with the option of adding 50,000 shares. The price has been set at 98 SEK per preferred share and thus the company will issue shares worth 24,5 million SEK, including the option of additional shares.

The dividend per share is set at 8,5 SEK, equivalent to an initial dividend yield of 8,67 per cent. The dividend will be paid on a quarterly basis.


Ämnen i artikeln:

Aros BostadFirst North

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