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Nordic Update

AGA moves HQ to Solna United

Publicerad: 26 oktober 2018, 08:24

Solna United. Bild: Skanska.

After 107 years in Lidingö, Swedish gas giant AGA has decided to move their company headquarters to Solna United near Solna train station. The company leases 2,900 sq.m. from Skanska with a move planned at the end of 2019.

Ämnen i artikeln:

Solna UnitedSkanska

Skanska has also signed a lease agreement with another tenant whose identy has not been disclosed. The new tenant will make use of 1,900 sq.m. and with the two recent leases, the remaining vacancy in Solna United is 45 per cent.

The property will be completed during Q4 2019.


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